Sunday, March 13, 2011

Good Weekend

It seems like we've been pretty busy nearly every weekend since the start of the year. Last weekend was Stake Conference, and though it added to our list of weekends that were already planned, it ended up being cool because we had Elder Anderson of the 70 come and talk to us. All the messages were focused on the family and how to raise a righteous family in these latter days. 
However, my favorite message was: Men, help out around the house. Women: Be thankful for the help.
Or at least that is what my ears heard. ;-)

Brian's ears must have heard the same thing because when Saturday rolled around he decided that we needed some more clean clothes for the weekend, and so...... He Did the Laundry! It was glorious.

In return, first, I didn't worry or stress over how he was doing the laundry.
Second, I started the yard work for the spring! I cleared out all leaves in the front area and along the pathway. A most excellent and satisfying way to spend the day.

Better yet, we got to end our evening at a Hawks/Blazer game! Brad stayed home with a babysitter, and we jetted off to the Phillips Arena! Brian wore his bright red Blazer shirt and I wore a Hawks shirt so we were balanced, but we both sported Blazer "3 goggles" to show the love. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you aren't a Blazer fan.)

We had wicked seats gifted to us by a friend. So this pic, yea I took it from a few rows back. These are the two cutest guys on the team- no contest. Aaaaand they are pretty talented too.

Just to make our weekend extra wonderful, we had beautiful weather on Sunday, so we spent half the day outside enjoying fresh air. Brian was a bit sick, so he stayed home from church and kept Brad with him so I could enjoy a day of church without the kiddo.

Brian may have set up our new slide for Brad while I was gone.

The weather was sooo nice we heeded the council given the weekend before and spent some much desired family time together outside.
Brian even felt well enough for a little bbq outside. Although he did give me the annoyed, "why do you have to document every part of our life" look while I took his picture. He said he perfected it earlier in life thanks to his mom.
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