Sunday, March 20, 2011


I could not figure out what to do with my Sunday today.
I wanted to blog, but if I blog on my crafty blog that is probably "working" on work stuff. So I can't do that.
I really really want to start making all the Japan Relief Pendant orders we received this weekend, but that is really really working on the Sabbath, so no go there.

So I wandered around the blogs for a while till I came across this photo:

WHAT HAPPENED TO MY FAMILY! Everyone looks very odd in this photo to me.

See, my dad should have A LOT more facial hair, and maybe a few more pounds. My mom should have WAY POOFIER hair, and bangs that rise a few inches off her head and she should be wearing some printed flowery shirt that is tucked in with a belt. MY BROTHER SHOULDN'T BE THAT TALL. Nor should he have a thick boy neck or look "hot" in any way.

This is how my family should look, minus my mom who is taking the photo. (And you are so lucky mom that I couldn't find that perfect 80's photo of you!)

Awe. Now doesn't that remind you of how your family is supposed to look! I feel much better.

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