Saturday, January 22, 2011

GA Aquarium Today

Ever since we came back from oregon, Brian has been busy during the weekends. Every weekend! So Brian promised that we could do something fun on his off friday this weekend. In contemplating what fun thing we could do it occurred to me that we haven't been to an aquarium in a while. Our number of aquarium vs air museum trips isn't too good. Naturally, I felt that a trip to the Atlanta Aquarium was needed.
Truth be told - I love fish. They taste pretty good yea, but I really love looking at them. I've only ever swam with the fish once or twice, and that was pretty much cooler than any aquarium ever. But since I don't get that opportuinity every day, looking at them through plexiglass is the next best thing.

Bradley liked them too. I think he mostly liked walking around by himself, but he did stop to enjoy the fish occasionally.
Brian tolerated the fish. He much preferred the otters, but as fish go, he did like this aquarium. Nearly every exhibit featured fish and other sealife in a 360 capacity. there is even a clear tunnel through the water where you can see everything swimming around in the deep saltwater exhibit! Sharks, manta rays, whale sharks, hammerheads, huuuge other kinds of fish.

I would also say that about half of the exhibits featured a hands on sea life experience. My hint -  even if you don't have kids that will play in the kid zone area, go in anyways because they have the coolest hands on stuff in there. We touched a live: manta ray (or some kind of ray), a shark fin, a star fish, a sea urchin, and I touched a sea anemone!
 These are fish from Africa! How colorful, and ornate, and swishy! Gliding through the water must be so relaxing.

Okay, so I fully understand not everyone gets as excited about fish as me. But I still think it is a very neat aquarium and worth a visit.


Heidi Ence said...

This is the best post, and I will tell you why. Because you used "swishy" as a descriptive word. I love it. I love swishy fish too!

Eileen & Karen said...

What a fun day! Love you guys!
Gma Daniels