Thursday, May 14, 2009

Big Stick

From time to time we get some good pee-your-pants storms in Georgia. After a series of such storms, I decided to see what the damage was in the backyard. Various giant limbs had fallen in the middle of lawn, but no downed trees or any real damage.
As I continued investigating, Portland disappeared for a few minuted and emerged carrying a three foot branch. If you've ever been hiking with our dog, you will know how important a good stick is to her. And clearly, this was her new fave as she ran around me in circles dragging it.
It has been a few weeks since the storm, and the stick has shrunk by quite a bit. Today while I was taking pics of our new blue berry bushes, see previous post, I couldn't help but catch her running around with this now stubby yet still the fave, stick.
I know she didn't actually eat the rest of the two feet of the original branch, I think they broke off in a game of fetch. But the remaining two feet hasn't been seen for a while.

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