Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8 Bags of Money

Steph complains that I never post on here, so I've decided to rant about the TLC show John and Kate Plus 8 that Steph makes me watch.

I think it is pretty clear that Kate is drunk with fame, and Jon is drunk with money. I wonder how the kids feel about all this? The twins must be old enough to realize what is going on. I wonder what it is like to have a mom gone all the time on book tours and a father who goes to college house parties and night clubs. What happened to the nice family we all use to watch? Don't give me that rubbish about all families having problems. Plenty of us had/have parents who always put their children first (it does exist)! Financially, this family would be set just living off reruns, DVD sales, and book sales for years to come... so, clearly they have become greedy for money and fame.

While Jon has made some poor decisions, I cannot help but place the majority of the blame on Kate. She seemed like a very different person on last night's season premier. Her attitude towards her children reminded me of a snobby teenage girl who's parents have asked her to watch her siblings. She claims that she is doing all of this for her family, and she might actually believe that, but clearly she is disillusioned with fame at this point. They both claim that they didn't sign up for the fame and paparazzi, but at this point, it is clear that Kate is bringing it on herself by seeking out more fame. They both could end all of the stress by not signing on for another year of the show and by not writing any more books, but of course, they want more money.

I wonder how long the show will live. I know it is seeing its biggest audiences ever, since we all like a controversy; however, I think the controversy will become played out, and all their once loyal fans will wish for the show to return to its original style and mood.

Then again, maybe this is all just a scam. We all know that so-called 'reality' TV is generally anything but reality. These controversies could be entirely cooked up by Jon, Kate, and TLC. A way to lift ratings as the show enters its 5th season (shows often times add a twist or introduce a new character around their 4th or 5th season to keep things fresh). On the other hand, maybe the sweet, close, and loving family that we saw in the first 4 seasons was a sham. Who knows... but in my opinion the show is taking a turn for the worse either way.


T. Scott Saponas said...

Meredith makes me watch the show too. What was a simple annonying stupid show is now a really really stupid show. Both parents should be punished by being forced to watch the show.

EileenandKaren@forgetmenotdreams said...

I think they are trying to jump their ratings. Even bad plublicity is good for the rating! I just feel for the kids. I agree with you Brian...too much fame and fortune has dulled their sense of true responsibility to their kids. Love you!

Amy Berry said...

So I"m a little late Steph but congrats! I love you!