Monday, March 9, 2009

Alphabet Tag - W

Here's how you play... My buddy Audrey tagged me with the letter "W". So now I have to list 10 things I love that start with that letter. So here it goes…...

1. Wool- it is my new art medium and it is so much fun and reusable!
2. Wonder Woman- fave super hero since child hood. (I should get double points for the double w.)
3. White Space- any good designer or creator knows you need to have white space and use it well.
4. Water- my preferred drink since childhood.
5. Window Treatments- I obsess over every window but only have one window with nice curtains.
6. Wet dogs- well just my dog. She runs around the house rubbing her nose on the carpet and inevitably is so excited she runs into a wall.
7. Walking- who doesn't.
8. Waffles- yum.
9. Wiggling- I always do.
10. Whales.

I tag:
Heidi (D)
Karianne (P)
Amanda Ball (B)
Annie Cechini (G)
Amy Van den eihkof (A)

1 comment:

the van den Eikhof family said...

Water is my beverage of choice also. I responded to the tag on my blog. Thanks for tagging me =)