Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ikea Toy

Brian couldn't resist getting this little toy for our dog when we were at Ikea. It replaces the empty boxes she ran through as a puppy. However she doesn't always understand that this toy isn't for eating or chewing.
Part I

Part II

I don't know how to convert videos from our nice camera, they are too big, so I'll just keep using our point and shoot till I can figure it out. Sorry about the weird clicking and crapy resolution.


Anonymous said...

We all think Portlinn (that spelling is for Stephanie) is so cute! Wow has she grown since you posted pictures a week ago!!!! Glad to see that you are having fun with her new toys - we like the tunnel. Nowwwwwww, if only we could have amused you kids with something like throwing a ball thru a tunnel. . . . . . .. hahaha.
Tim, Lou, Sue, and Dave

Amanda said...

I wanted to get this tunnel for Lillian but she was a little scared of it. Maybe if she had a dog to chase after, she'd like it more.

Amy said...

I just looked at you Etsy Shop. The felted santa and teddy bears so are cute. You are so creative! Good luck with your new business. How are things going in Geogia?


P.S. Portland is getting so big!