Sunday, May 18, 2008

We Have Puppies!

The mama dog finally had her pups! There are 4 puppies, 2 girls, 2 boys. So I think we will have our choice of these two girls. They really don't look like much now, but in a few weeks they will be all fluffy and cute and we'll be able to decide better.

Girl 1 is black/white, and I think that girl 2 is grey or blue/white. This breeder is really cool because she will keep us updated with photos and utube videos as they grow. So even though we can't go visit for a month or two, we can still see them grow!

Oh yea, bla bla, we are officially moving at the end of June to Georgia. If you didn't know- Brian got a great job with Lockheed Martin in Marietta, GA. And our cute little girly pups live in Savannah, GA, so it will only be a few hours drive to pick one up!

Girl 1

Girl 2


Heidi Anne Ence said...

Girl number 2 kind of looks like a guinea pig. haha. They are fooling with ya, they only have guinea pigs right now! I think the second picture of Girl 1 is the cutest so I would pick 1 myself. But 2 could be really cute too, if it really is a dog... =) YEAH FOR PUPPIES! (Tell me the secret name!)

Meredith said...

There's a secret name?! I want to know too! :)

They both look adorable to me. (although Heidi is right about the guinea pigs thing) I want a puppy so bad! I'm definitely showing Scott these pictures.