Monday, May 5, 2008


Well this marks a very sad time in the Saponas family- Jorjah, brian's dog, has passed away of liver cancer. She passed a few nights ago, I'm not sure the exact date, but Lou and Tim were able to fly back and at least say goodbye. (They were in Colorado helping out the Johnsons as Jean was in a very serious car accident.)

If you have ever met the Saponases I'm sure you that you were also introduced to their dog. She was female black lab, and was more a member of the family than a dog. She could do practically anything you asked of her- but my fave was the "hide-your-eyes" game where she would put her head under your knee so you could hide a tennis ball. She was so smart, I want to raise a puppy that is as smart and loving as Jorjah.

As much as I miss her, I really really feel sad for Lou and Tim. They are already going through some hardships, and losing their dog on top of it all just seems cruel. But I know that God does have a plan for us, even if we don't like it at the moment. And I know that all the Saponases love and support each other and that they are not alone even if their last child has gone.
Well, until they get a new puppy they are welcome to live vicariously through Brian and I when we get our new dog in July. (The litter should be born on May 15 so lets hope there is a girl!)

Christmas 2007 Pics

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