Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nova Scotia, CANADA

Congrats Nathan!

Nathan was called to the Halfax, Nova Scotia, Canada Mission!
He is scheduled to leave in early September.

We are so proud of you Nate! I just know you are going to love it there, and you are going to love your mission.

Pic of Nate's New Homeland!


Macon Family said...

Hey Guys! Didn't know you had a blog, I love these things. It has been forever since we've been back to SLO but I'm sure it's still great. Looks like you guys are doing well!
Our blog is on private so we have to add emails to the "safe" list then it's viewable.


Marcene said...

Goll I am sooo jealous. Those photos are gorgeous. Maybe I can squeeze into a carry on

NateZ3300 said...

Aww! Thanks Steph!