Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pool Party Playdate with the Twins!

We happen to know twin boys. These twin boys, Sam & Seth, live in our neighborhood, go to our ward, and preschool, and happen to have triplet baby brothers. So I offered to take the twins for a few days so the family could prepare for the oncoming triplets (who are now here and in very good health).

So we had a pool party of course! What else do you do with three boys in 90 plus degree weather??

 Sam is in all blue, Bradley is in green shorts and a blue top, Seth is in Blue shorts and a Nemo top.

 They were all pretty excited about the pool. And then we put the slides in the pool and we reached epic excitability factors.
 Leaping for joy.

 Of course we had to pull out the other water toys. Everyone had a turn. But Seth really loved just laying down and chillin in the water.

 Sam loved to sneak up on his bro and play "balance beam."

 Water fight.

 Sam taking a pause from his detailed conversation to pose for a pic. He put the water toy inside as a rug for the house.

We had lots of fun together and didn't even come out with any broken bones, bruises or blood. Which really is an accomplishment with three roudy boys! 
Luke is not pictured because he slept the whole time!! It was great!

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Heidi Ence said...

That's awesome you did that, and how fun for Brad to have TWO friends his age over. I bet it was good for everyone. They looked like nice boys, and they all played together well. And yay for Luke sleeping so you could enjoy it, haha!