Friday, September 21, 2012

Farewell Endeavour

When Bradley was just 6 months old we took a road trip down to Flordia to watch the Space Shuttle Atlantis take off. It was the second to last space shuttle, from the NASA program, ever to launch. A historic event. Today we watched the Space Shuttle Endeavour, riding on a 747, take its final flight - which is the final final flight for all NASA space shuttles. It will land in LAX and then ride to a museum where it will be displayed. All this sadly signifys the end of the NASA Space program. No further human space explorations are scheduled or even planned for. -Correct me if I'm wrong-
It just so happened that Tim and Lou Saponas, my in laws, are visiting us. So you can see everyone watching as the Endeavour comes over the Sierra Mountains and into the Antelope Valley.
If flew rather close to us! Palmdale happens to be the actual birth place of the Endeavour. It was litterally built here. There is a road named after it for goodness sake! So naturally it had to do one last fly over in omage to its first home.
I had to zoom out it was so close! What a great shot if I do say so myself! You can freaking see the heat tiles on the bottom!
 Bradley thought it was very cool and proceeded to tell me for the rest of the morning, Mommy that Cool!! That airplane COOL!!
 Um this is where I live. If you questioned what the "desert" looks like, well this is it. Although apparently these Joshua trees are endangered and only grow here. It is actually illegal to cut one down if you have one in your yard. You have to wait till it falls down to remove it.
Our little family. I had Luke with me while I took photos and watched. I'm really happy that we were able to be here to say goodbye to such a world changing program. I really do hope we will start human space exploration again someday. It is just that cool.

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