Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Confessions of my day

Mom Confession
Today I did not change out of my jammies. I figured yoga pants and a shirt with some buttons seemed "dressed up" enough for today. My visiting teachers even came over. Today I just don't care to be dressed. I could lie and say I had more important things to do, but really... I just don't want to put on jeans and remind myself how my hips don't really fit anymore.

I also ate the end of a bag of chips for a pre-lunch snack. mmm it was great.
Then it took me 30 min to decide to heat up left over chicken for my lunch. Brad ate yogurt and deli meat and strawberries. I don't like cooking. Cooking = preparing food. I like eating food. If I wasn't married to Brian we would have lots of eat out nights or frozen pizza nights. The only reason we didn't have a frozen pizza day is that I'm not eating dairy for a while. Otherwise that would have been an equally good lunch.

For some glorious reason Luke took a 3 hour nap this morning... And I chose to make a curtain for my bathroom window instead of playing with Brad. I put on Toy Story 2 and let him veg. That too was great.

Yea, it is just one of those days. But I'm pretty okay with that. It seemed like a good one to me. Any day spent in yoga pants (where you do not work out) is pretty good in my book.

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Heidi Ence said...

hahahahahaha. I love your last sentence. Also, it does sound like a nice day. Kudos.