Sunday, October 9, 2011

Home to Oregon

I love going home to Oregon. This trip was extra special because my super cool sister was able to fly out and visit too (I was able to visit with my super cool brother earlier this summer). Grandma and Grandpa Daniels were in grandkid heaven! And Heidi and I got some much needed goofy sister time.

We loaded up my grandma's car and drove 4 adults and 2 babies to the coast for a few nights of fun. It was the best because my dad was able to take off his "Bishop Daniels" hat and put on his "Grandpa Daniels" hat and goof off with the grandbabies. Plus our beach house was actually on the beach! During high tide the waves would splash the bottom of the stairs.

The first stop of course was the Tillamook Cheese factory. For you non-northwesterners, this is where the most tasty cheese in the US is made. Look for it next time you are in the grocery store. It is WORTH it!

Then we played on the beach in the 70 degree weather! Yea we were super lucky.

Then we went to the outlets. Brad is expressing his feelings about being in the Gap for longer than 15 minutes.

Then we came home and played for a few more days.

I was also able to visit Bradley's newest cousin or second cousin w/e.. Alex!
Brian's family is very close, so yes, on my trip to see my family in oregon I spent time with Brian's aunt and her daughter in law Alina! Alina and Alex are so sweet together! Alina has this beautiful accent (romanian? right?) and I love how she says "bubay" for baby.

It is always such a blast to go back to Oregon, but this was defiantly a special trip I will never forget.

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Heidi Ence said...

We had SO much fun! It was SO SO much fun! Lets do it again!