Sunday, October 16, 2011

Brad's First Camping Trip!

October is my fave month in Georgia. The leaves change and the weather cools down. After my last few experiences of camping while pregnant in Georgia in the summer, I have learned that it is not enjoyable. But this year, THIS YEAR, we decided it would be fun to let Bradley experience "camping in georgia." I simply refused to do it during the summer, and there wasn't much time to anyways.
Brian and I grew up camping in Oregon, so rain really doesn't scare us. We didn't really think much of the high percent chance of rain for the North Georgia Mountains. We kept on planning and packing.
This is what it looked like 10 minutes from our destination...
15 minutes later it started to pour.
So we spent the next 45 minutes in the car in our camping spot! Bradley thought this was a most excellent way to start a camping trip. Portland was less than excited about both the rain and the toddler crawling all over her.
Our heroic Daddy started setting up camp during one of the breaks. Georgia rain is nothing like Oregon rain. It poured HARD for 15 minutes. Took a break. Rained at a harder level for another 10 minutes, took a break again. And then lightened up for a little longer and continued in this light rain and break pattern for an hour or two.
Portland was unhappy, but Bradley thought wandering around the campsite was very fun.

Bradley did have a small freakout moment in the tent after dinner. He thought dad was lost in outerdarkness because he wasn't inside the tent. But eventually Daddy came in the tent and was able to settle Bradley down and we all had a nice snuggle. I was 20% on thinking we might have to bail out and drive home in the middle of the night. But he ended up snuggling with Dad all night long and woke up a happy camer! 

Camping breakfasts are always the best. Pancakes, scraballed eggs and sausage! Happy tummies.

Before we broke camp we hiked all 604 steps up and then 604 back down Amicalola Falls. Last time I tried this hike I was slightly pregnant and it was near 90 degrees outside. I did not make it back up the falls. In fact on this trip I insisted we start at the bottom instead of the top.

My happy hikers were all thrilled to see the waterfall!

Then we had to hike back down down down down.

THEN (and the real reason for coming to Amicalola) We went to Burt's Pumpkin Patch! Which is just down the road! Last year it was so much fun (minus an offroading excursion) we had to go again!
Awe. Kisses for the Dads.
Dad let our little helper pick out some gords. He was very excited to put his own pumpkins into the wheelbarrow.

Best camping trip ever.
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Heidi Ence said...

WOW! Bradley looks so different even now from a couple weeks ago! He is so grown up! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun, and I'm glad you didn't have to summer camp again. Good choice.