Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Pants

My mom made these pants and gave them to us when Brad was born and I have been waiting for six months to use them. Brad is finally big enough! And I was lucky enough that Brian's mom gave Brad the top and it matches perfectly!!! For some reason sunday outfits are very important to me.
I love his little sunday outfits. I fully believe that regardless of age, pjs are not appropriate attire for church. But I love love that he has an adorable white shirt to go with his pants. All he needs is one of those "future missionary" tags. Maybe we'll have to get one of those for when Nate gets home! (Just a few more months till Nate gets home from his mission!)
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Ashley Fulkerson said...

I could not agree more on the Sunday clothes. When Drew was not even 2 months old he was wearing a collared button-up shirt and nice pants. Brad looks very handsome!

Vanessa said...

Those are so adorable. You have to ask your mom what kind of material she used so I can make some for Porter. I agree with you about the Sunday clothes too. I'm glad I can make him clothes myself to fit our style, and to save money.