Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chillin at home - 6.5 Months

We are approaching a summer of traveling, so for now we are enjoying just being at home together. Playing with toys and practicing rolling over... crawling is just around the corner.

I recently threw a little hissy-fit about not having enough room in the family room to play. Luckily, no one was home to hear it, but it resulted in me kicking out the coffee table. No worries, I didn't take a chainsaw or something to it. Instead I moved it to the dinning room. So it looks like we have Japanese style dinning in our dinning room. I'm down with that. We just need some pillows and few more chop sticks and we'll have a dinning room!

I needed to get some pics of two-tooth Brad, before he turns into six-tooth Brad. The top four center teeth are ever so slowly making their entrance.

Dad and puppy. I take care of the baby and Brian takes care of the puppy. In this pic he is asking her if she wants to go for a ride. Doesn't she look happy?

Six months is really an amazing time! Solid foods, teeth, sitting up, playing with toys, grabbing, pinching, biting, toe sucking... I've never had so much fun before, and I think Bradley feels the same way. I am so blessed to be a mom, and so blessed to be Bradley's mom. It sounds corny, but I really didn't realize that motherhood wasn't just a destination but a always changing eternal journey. I'm up

It sounds corny, but I really didn't realize that motherhood wasn't just a destination, but a always changing, eternal journey. I'm up for it.


Heidi and Deric Ence said...

He is such a cutie! I really like the picture of him on his tummy, pushing himself up. He just needs to get up on those knees, and THEN life will never be the same. haha. He's getting to be a big boy!

Heidi and Deric Ence said...

So I got on to look at my nephew again because I'm a blog stalker and nephew stalker... but that picture of Brad leaning back in the blue pillow is super funny. He looks like he is being lazy and playing with the toys with his feet. Homer Simpson style... Deric would be so proud!

Brian said...

Umm wait till you see the video. He was playing with his toy with his feet. I thought it was pretty funny myself.

Eileen said...

He is just the cutest thing ever....EVER! Well untill Bladen comes along and then there will be two cuties!
Grandma D!