Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Latest Creation

I don't think that Brian or the author of Advanced Engineering Mathematics inteded this book to be used as a giant paper weight, but it is the biggest, heaviest book we own- and it is no longer in use for mathamatical purposes. So I thought I could use it for crafing purposes.

This is the finished product. Unfortunatly it isn't for sale in my store, it is a special request for a trade.

These, however, are my other latest creations and they are for sale! I kept seeing all these cute little brooches online, so I made a few for myself.

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Ashley said...

Who need advanced engineering mathematics anyway? That book makes a much better paper weight. I love to stuff you've made Steph. The wall hanging is so cool and I love the little cute! Whenever I look at the one you made Drew it always makes me think of you.