Saturday, November 8, 2008

Home sweet, currently someone else's Home

So we've been house hunting for a few months now, and think we may have found the one. Luckily for me Picassa has a "make your own movie" option that is super easy to use, so now I don't need to upload every photo.

Take a look! (the girl in blue is Cheri, our realtor.)

We have two other houses we are considering, but this is #1. Maybe I'll make a video for our second fave.


the van den Eikhof family said...

WOW! That house looks really nice. I love brick homes. How exciting to soon be home owners.

Ashley said...

Steph its beautiful!!! The house looks amazing. How fun it will be to have a home of your own.

Heidi and Deric Ence said...

Holy CRAP! Dang Steph, I had no idea you were looking at that nice of houses. I watched your video thing and I'm pretty sure I said the S-word 10 times in my head. Dang! I think its way cool! I am SO excited for you!