Saturday, July 26, 2014


It is official. My second born is two.
I am truly in awe of his happy little life force, and so happy to be his momma. 
Thus, we had a Luke-happy day! We had birthday cake pancakes for breakfast. Then we went to gymnastics class (which is Luke's happy place in life. Umm we need to have another post about "Jumping for Jesus" because Luke thinks it is the greatest thing in the world.) Then we came home to have MORE birthday cake pancakes and a nap. (at various points during our day Bradley declared the best day ever!)
During naptime I went to work on Luke's Dusty Crophopper cake! Four hours later I was finished!

Daddy came home and we had a good ole pippa party!!
And opened presents and ate cake. Luke was thoroughly full of happiness and sugar by the time he went to bed.

Bradley gave Luke a Master Windu light saber. And then promptly had a battle with Luke. (video to follow someday) Then Luke became bored and Brian finished off the light saber battle with Bradley. I'm quite sure they enjoyed the new saber as much as Luke did/will.

So I was inspired to make a Dusty cake a few days ago. It looks 75% like I wanted it to. So I'm going with, it is pretty good. And the kids loved it.

Luke really really really loved it.

Happy Birthday little Bug. 

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