Monday, October 15, 2012

Other fun weekend activities...

We had so much fun with the kiddos last week! We did pumpkins, made cupcakes, painted, and played till the boys tuckered out and fell asleep. Luke thought that it was so exciting he decided to stay awake after the big boys fell asleep. He just wanted to spend some extra time with his Aunt and Grandma!
 After our Disney excursion we blessed Luke! We didn't do it in church because it was conference weekend- which is one of the only weekends Bishops get off! so my dad could come! I was pretty worried that Brian was going to add an extra middle name like chewbacca, or Skywalker, or Boba Fett. But no such names were included. Just normal Luke George Saponas!
 We love you Lukey Loo!

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