Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quick Cali Trip

In the midst of the crazy house preparations, we needed to take a quick trip out to California to check out our temporary housing options. But the last two weeks have been hard for Brad, and so we wanted to treat him to some fun mom & dad time.

 This is the air museum by where Brian will work.
 Bradley loves, loves airplanes. Someday I'll post the movie I took of him explaining how they work.
 My two skunks!

And of course we couldn't resist a trip to Disneyland!  There will be many more of these in our future! Disney is just an hour away! I think that means, maybe once a month. We'll have to see.

Brad's fave part was the adventure course in Disney's California Adventure. He got to run around with Daddy on all the bridges, rope courses and slides. He cried every time we left the area no matter how long we stayed to play and no matter how much prep we did to let him know it was time to leave. But he loved it so much we just had to make a few stops to play.

So where are we now?
Well, we have till March 3 here in Georgia. Then we pack our suitcases and fly out to Cali for good. We'll be in some sort of temporary living till our house sells. I really have a lot of faith that our house will sell in a reasonable amount of time. But still keep us in your prayers!


Heidi Ence said...

I'm excited for you guys to move, good things are ahead of you! PLUS, with you moving closer to Disney, then there might be more chance we get to go, and I can look at your pictures more often!

Meredith said...

I love the pictures!! :-) Bradley is so cute in front of the airplane. He's looking so grown up.

We're so excited for you guys and have been thinking about you a lot. I should warn you that Scott is pretty excited about how much closer you'll be and how close you'll be to Disneyland. Between Disneyland, Bradley, and a new baby (eeeee!) you might be seeing a lot of us :-).

Eileen & Karen said...

Me too! So we are ALL excited that you are moving closer AND that means more opportunities to go to Disneyland WITH you! Glad you had a great trip!