Thursday, October 8, 2009


Last night I got an odd call from Brian. He was at a mutual activity with the Priests so I expected that he needed something he forgot at home. Our conversation went something like this:

Brian - Are you respectable?
Me- What?
Brian- Are you wearing respectable clothes?
Me- I guess. Why.
Brian- Something to do with the Young Women. I think they are coming over.

Luckily I had cleaned earlier that day so I wasn't worried, but I was wearing basketball shorts and a shirt that didn't entirely cover my belly. So I went upstairs and changed and by the time I was ready a Young Women, Kelcie, was at my door with Sister Walsh. They had a totally convincing story about how I needed to come to the church. So sneaky. So I willingly went.

In the car another young woman, Madison, was waiting and looked annoyed to be there. She gave us a story about how some guy friend punched her that day. I was quite alarmed about the whole situation but no one else in the car seemed to think it was a big deal. This too was a fake story, however I totally fell for it.

Finally we entered the church and wouldn't you know it, nearly every single young women and their moms! were waiting to throw me a surprise baby shower in the relief society room which had balloons and all sorts of decorations. This was truly a surprise. I can't believe they kept it a secret! 20 plus young women and half their mothers all managed not to say anything about it for apparently at least the last month or so! Kudos to you girls. I would have never thought you were all capable of holding a secret for so long.

So here is some of the gear that I took away from the night. I combined all the gifts into a few pics.

Special thanks to the Mia Maids for planning it!

Amazingly enough, there were no repeats of lotions or shampoos!
Thank you Beehives for my baby tub and goodies!!!
Thank you Beehives for all the sweet painted toys! I am using them as Christmas ornaments!

The Laurels did an awesome job with the diaper cake (I've always wanted a diaper cake ever since I saw my mom make them for her friends. It has been a life long dream really.)

All the cute clothes!!!

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Say it with a Sign! said...

Way, cool and way cute!

Heidi and Deric Ence said...

That is SO cool Steph! And you got such cool stuff! I love you!

Ashley Fulkerson said...

That is so sweet!!! How thoughtful of your girls and way to go for keeping it under wraps for so long. I am getting so excited for you are going to be an awesome mommy!!!!

EileenandKaren@forgetmenotdreams said...

That is soooo much fun! Way to go YW! Steph...I din't know you felt that way about the baby cakes I use to make. I better read your blog to see what other childhood dreams I've yet to fulfill! Ha, ha! Love you babe!

The Cannon Family said...

How sweet! Man, I'm so lame for not getting your gift to you yet. I promise it's sitting in my laundry room right now!