Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Would You Like Some Dinners?

Clearly, I have the cutest, and smartest dog in the world.

We had to teach her to "circle" when we asked if she wanted some breakfast, lunch or dinners.. When she was a little pup she would tackle the asker. It wasn't that big of a deal if you were standing up, she could only reach your knees or thy. But if you were sitting on the floor she would go right for your face and neck. Which is cute when it happens to someone other than yourself. But still band manners.

After we practiced doing circles for a while she started adding in a little "wuff" for emphasis. Now she will answer in the affirmative with a wuff or a little growl- which sounds more like a guinea pig rather than a vicious dog- for a few questions like Do you need to go out? Do you want play frisbee? Do you want to go on a hike?

btw- i guess she isn't thaaaat smart, because every time i play the video she thinks she is getting some dinners.

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EileenandKaren@forgetmenotdreams said...

Oh Portland....I miss you! Your such a cutie! Tell Mom & Dad I love them too!