Thursday, October 2, 2008

Puppy Beds

So we finally found a place, maybe, that we are okay leaving Portland at over the holidays. Their contract says that she only gets one piece of bedding in her crate. Currently we use 6 old t-shirts and two towels. So I decided to use my "sewing skills" to make her a bed.

I think it turned out okay. I made the inner pillow and stuffed it, then made a case that opens at the back so I can take it off and wash it. I bought three times the fabric needed, extra thread, a zipper (what was I thinking?) and two bags of stuffing too many. Out of all the stuff I bought I only used 1/2 of the white fabric, the white thread, one bag of stuffing, and the puppy print fabric. Maybe next time I should plan better.

She looks fairly annoyed that I made her pose in her crate for this pic.
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K&E@forgetmenotdreams said...

Way cute Steph! I am sure Portland will love her new sleep pillow! She is so cute! Love you!

PS-I love your last post go... you non working, kidless, crafting wife!!! You deserve it!