Sunday, August 24, 2008

You wanted an update:

She's gotten so big! I'll notice every once in a while that her head is bigger, or her legs are longer. I didn't realize alll of her has grown so much.

Portland at 8/9 weeks.

Portland today! (14 weeks)

She loves playing fetch, and will bring you the ball all day long. Portland is pretty fast, but not too smart- you can fake her out every time if you want. She has two tennis balls, and if she can't find the ball you threw she will bring you the other one that she has hidden somewhere. If you are ignoring her, or are otherwise not available, she will set both balls at your feet. But when Brian and I are both there, she will bring one ball to each of us. However, when you throw both balls she has a hard time deciding which one to bring back.
I know she looks vicious here, but she really just loves getting the ball.

Portland is also rather good at jumping, and seems to prove that even when you ask her not to. Brian says her PPB (Personal Puppy Best) is somewhere between his hips and shoulders. As you can see this is not quite her best, as it is just barley hip height. But this photo was hard to get, and she was getting tired by the time my camera was working.

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As for other updates, both Brian and I have been called to the Primary, again! I teach the CTR 6 class, 5-6 year olds, and Brian teaches the Valiant 9 class, 8-9 year olds. Today we team taught my class, which was a good warm up because I have 4 girls and a set of twin boys. Luckily for me one of them is named Scott, and happens to have a "spot" or mole on his right cheek that the other twin, Adam, doesn't have. So there is some hope of differentiating them. As a whole, they are pretty well behaved, and just need to be reminded to raise their hand or use church voices every so often. Brian hasn't met his class yet, but he has 3 girls, and 2 boys.

Class today was fun, we talked about how Jesus wants us to obey the laws of the land. Luckily the lesson manual is really good at structuring the whole lesson, I only had to come up with a few extra things to fill time. Brian told me it was probably the most fun day of church he's had in a while... I think this was highly due to the fact that we got M & M's during singing time, and not my stellar lesson.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - Portland has grown so much!!! Thanks for the update - it was kind of a group request - Lou, Tim, Dave, and Sue - but I (Sue) was the only one with the required credentials to sign in.

This is kind of hard to write because I no longer have an "h" key! It quit working and I took it off to fix it - BIG MISTAKE!!!!! Tomorrow I will be hitting the Dell store to see if they are able to fix it. My "h" key and it's parts are in a baggie in my purse.

Thanks for the new pictures - we all LOVE them!!!!
Sue L - from Beaverton

Julie Mulkay said...

Portland is adorable! I love her coloring. I can't wait to have a pet. Mostly so Matt can tease something else instead of me all the time.

Julie M.

Marcene said...

beautiful dog, I could never get a pet now that I know how much attention a baby requires! I am never satisfied with my callings...if they put me in primary I want to be in Relief society...if I'm playing the piano I think I'd rather be doing sunday school...I always think any calling is better than what I have at the time. Now I am the enrichment counselor and I know I'd love to go back to primary. So I'm glad you have a pretty well behaved little group. By the way...we need to plan a way to see eachother.

Heidi Anne Ence said...

What happened to your dog? Its old now. haha. Just kidding, but Portland has really grown a lot. How fun! And congrats on your calling. Deric and I are lucky to team teach all the time. We have CTR 7 kids, and goodness they are a TOTAL handful. Well I'm glad you guys are doing well. Love you!

Meredith said...

She's so adorable! I love seeing new pictures, thanks for posting these ;). It sounds like you guys are doing well and settling in. Give Portland a kiss from Scott and I. We got a kick out of tracking her PPB in leaping.

Amy Berry said...

If I hadn't spent most of my life proving my blonde roots do sometimes affect my brain I would be worried about saying this but I'm not so here it goes... YOU MOVED? Serious we need to talk a little bit more. I'm so happy for you guys, and John says I'm banned from your blog. I want a puppy so bad.. yours is adorable!