Friday, June 6, 2008

Two Weeks (one week late)

Here are the week two pics (which are a week late)! Holley (the breeder) says that the pups are doing well. Exlporing and playing and they don't look like rats anymore. In these photos they still look a little non-dogish, but I still think they are cute. Hopefully we'll have week 3 photos and a movie soon!

I'm in love with girl 2. I love that she is grey/blue and pouty. Girl 1 has potential too, I just need to see a few more views of her. I think that brian will probably like #1 better because she has really cute asymmetrical face markings. My fave fave part is the little white spot at the end of both of their tails!

I'm so excited!!

Girl 1

Girl 2

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Heidi Anne Ence said...

They're not guinea pigs! I was so positive that someone was trying to sell you a rodent. haha. But they are SO cute! I think they both look cuddly and soft. I like the white spots and snout on Girl 2. Cute cute! You will have an awesome dog regardless, they are both winners and they are both DOGS!